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Cool things about being a flight attendant/ cabin crew

The job of a flight attendant or cabin crew is awesome indeed. It comes with a good number of opportunities for the people working on this post. In fact, youths are after it for its rewarding position. Besides, there are numerous advantages of being a cabin crew as well that you cannot imagine. This is one of the demanding jobs in the present day. But in line with the advantages, the job is challenging too and the challenges are of an extreme level. When you are unable to perform your duties in the right manner, you would earn a defame both for you and the airline you are working for.

But comparing the risks, the benefits are more in this job. They flight attendants are able to fly across the world and without any tickets. Besides, they are enjoying many other enviable benefits. They have the chances to move in new places for their official purposes. And they can meet new people, come to know about new cultures and create a newer relationship with the people they have met in the new places. There are definitely some drawbacks in this profession but they are nothing to the benefits it provides the cabin crews. Actually, the cabin crews get the maximum benefits from the airline companies as they are directly responsible for the development and growth of the company.

Cool things about being a flight attendant

The cabin crews find interest in the job even after working for 15 hours at a stretch as the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. In fact, it is really interesting to see the sunrise in a country and sunset in another. Nobody will want to miss such chances of travelling in countries. the other perks are also extraordinary and help to motivate the cabin crews to perform their duties perfectly. Besides, there are some other cool aspects available and based on the grounds the cabin crews feel themselves lucky.

The rest of the article will discuss the positive aspects of becoming a flight attendant. It aims to inspire the people and youths to inform about the specialities of this job. So, let’s start the journey to the unknown cools facts about the job of a flight attendant.      

Free global trips by air:

This is one of the most impressive benefits of becoming a cabin crew. If you consider the fact that you need to travel from one place to another, certainly you are to buy tickets for transportation regardless of your travelling modes. Without the transportation, it is impossible for any human being to travel even inside a city let alone in a foreign land. But the cabin crews are travelling across the world. But they do not need to wait for tickets in a queue for hours. They are allowed to board the aircraft and travel with the other passengers.

This is a great facility that many people are looking for. Actually, everyone wants to travel and wish to reduce their costs. So, they are after various offs and discounts. If the luck favours them, they get the desired discounts and often they do not get the discounts if they cannot move fast or approach in the right way. But the cabin crews are out of such hassles. They do not need to pay the airfare for themselves. They do not have the troubles of experiencing immigration complexities and more other issues. They can directly ride on the aircraft and with special facilities which are unavailable for the ordinary passengers.

Besides, the most important thing about the jobs is that the airline companies pay the cabin crews for travelling across the world. In return, the airline companies want the cabin crews should look after the passengers and other necessary matters professionally so that the passengers can have a smooth travelling experience with the company. This is a great advantage for the cabin crews. They are able to see newer places every day or when they are with the flight. They have the chances to enjoy foods from foreign countries and get to know about the cultures. Their experience becomes enriched.         

Hassle-free job:

The job of a flight attendant is almost hassle-free. The airline companies seek people who will demonstrate a positive attitude in all conditions. Though this is a classy job, sometimes the situations may go beyond control. At that time the flight attendants have to remain positive and solve the problems in a manner so that there are no such similar troubles again. The airline companies always want that the journey should be comfortable for the passengers. The cabin crews are recruited to make the journeys smooth and refreshing for the people on board. So, the cabin crews are expected to do some special duties that will bring a sense of peace.

For instance, the cabin crews are responsible for taking the initial care and providing the necessary service to the passengers on board. The services include helping the senior passengers, assisting the passengers in adjusting the seatbelts, serving foods and drinks, serving blankets or other necessary materials and similar other jobs. These are the usual jobs that a host does for the guest. And there are actually not much labours included on the responsibilities. It appears that you are serving your guest at home. If the service is up to mark, the guests will be happy with you and will come back to you whenever they need your service.

But it cannot be said that the entire job is hassle-free. There are some occupational hazards are also related to the job. Sometimes, the passengers try to underestimate the service or demand something more that cannot be provided. At times, the passengers may also try to abuse the services and the situations may make you feel awkward as well. But those matters are irregular and if such things happen, there are people to take care of the issues. It appears that if you become positive and polite, you will be able to deal with the passengers smoothly and their experience with you will be a pleasant one.

Reduced flight cost:

The cabin crews also enjoy a reduced price for the ticket when they are not on duty. This is a great facility for them. When they want to pay a trip out of their country, they get some special discounts on the airfare. Besides, they also get some other special facilities which are only reserved for them. It really becomes difficult for the ordinary passengers to get some sort of discounts on the airfare. At times, the airlines provide some sort of discount marking various occasions. The discounts are available for both the domestic and international flights. Besides, the duration of such discounts does not last longer. So, there is always a rush for tickets with discounts.

But the cabin crews are an exception in this case. They will get the discounts round the year and they do not need to wait hours standing in a line for discounted tickets. This is a great advantage for them. The similar thing is applied to the family members of the cabin crews. The family members can travel with them by spending almost half of the costs than the real expenditure. Sometimes, the airline companies also provide free tickets for the cabin crews and their family members.

This is really convenient to have such benefits. Besides, another impressive thing about the issue that they (the cabin crews) may get the benefits round the year. There are no seasons or special times for the discounts to avail. It is done to bring a sense of diversity among the cabin crews. When they will visit various places, they will come to know about many unknown things and matters. And they can apply the earned knowledge for the betterment of the aviation company they are working with. On the other side, the travels become fun for the cabin crews and their family members. The experiences become unforgettable to them too.   

Luxurious accommodation:

The cabin crews are well familiar with the luxurious living style and standards. It happens as they are to stay in various star-rated hotels and take their meals from the similar places too. It is a kind of comfort that is not available for everyone out of this industry. The cabin crews become familiar with the rules and regulations of a star-rated hotel and how to deal with the issues there. This is an important matter for them. If they do not know how to respond in such situations, it would be a disgrace for the recruiting airline. So, they do not walk on that way.

The airline authority tries to provide the best possible facilities for their cabin crews. When they are out of the country, the cabin crews need to stay at nights before the return flight in the foreign lands. So, the airline authority hires the best hotels to stay, and it is free of cost for the cabin crews and other flight attendants. This is a great advantage for the cabin crews. Besides, the cabin crews get all the possible facilities of the hotel. They get the complimentary services, free wine and champagne in their rooms, complimentary meals and more. They do not feel that they are not paying for staying at the hotels.

As a result, the cabin crews become able to know about the services by the hotel authorities. This is also a kind of learning for them. They get to know about the rules and restrictions of a hotel and can apply some of them while they are serving the passengers. Besides, they also can enjoy the extra facilities of the hotels to refresh themselves like they can use the gymnasium, lounge and other amenities. The other most important thing about staying at the expensive hotels is that the airline authority wants to let them know that the company cares for them and thus they need to be more careful on their respective responsibilities. 

Great working environment:

The working environment in an aircraft is really interesting. In fact, it is not like the other ordinary offices where you will have your own desk or cubicle to round the clock. The entire aircraft is your workplace. You can work here as long as you want. But you have to ensure that you are providing the optimum services to the passengers. Besides, there are fewer chances for the cabin crews to be or feel bored. As you will remain busy with the services, you will not get the chance to become bored at all.

Besides, the working environment is funny and interesting too. You will get a very good amount of topics to discuss later. In fact, when you will meet the passengers, you will see a variety of people. All of them will give you different kinds of experience. As a cabin crew, you may discuss the interesting facts that you have noticed among any particular passenger or may laugh out loud based on any joke you have ever heard told by any of the passengers. So, you will not need to focus on work alone. You will have chances for refreshments too. But such facilities are unavailable in the other ordinary jobs and thus people do not find interest in doing the other jobs.

Moreover, the recruiting authority always recruits the best people for the position of cabin crews. So, you will have a bunch of well-educated and well-mannered teammates. They will be with you in all the possible situations. If you are in distress or experience any negative events, they will be with you instantly. This is actually not seen in the other jobs and everyone is busy there for themselves. So, everyone tries to get a job on the post of cabin crew so that they could enjoy the excellent working environment.

Standard lifestyle:

The lifestyle of a cabin crew is privileged. They lead a completely different life from the other people. There are various reasons behind having a modern and attractive lifestyle. The most prominent reason is that they travel in various places both in the home and abroad. So, they become familiar with the news cultures and customs. When they get back home, they are enriched with newer knowledge and try to apply the knowledge in their daily life. It helps to improve their regular life to a great extent. Besides, they also develop some fancy ideas about life and living while they travel countries.

As a direct result, they are in close contact with the rituals or a specific place and learns about the foods, living, geographical conditions, religion and many more. They become enriched with various types of information. They use the information for their own benefits and thus their living standard becomes higher than the other people. For instance, the cabin crews have the chances to shop in foreign countries. When they go shopping, they try to get the daily necessaries available in those countries but not found in theirs. They start using the foreign products and get the benefits of their job. It helps their lives to become standard.

Besides, the cabin crews are also highly paid for their services. With the smart payment and other facilities, they can lead a decent life. There are no issues with salaries and other benefits which are promised by the airline authority. Some of the organisations create unwanted issues regarding the disbursement of salary but there are no such troubles in the aviation industry. To maintain a standard lifestyle, the airline authority provides the salary for their staffs in due time and even some of them provide salaries before the expected date. So, the cabin crews need not worry about the issue. Their living standard remains unchanged as long as they are with the job.

Cool thing about being a Flight Attendant - Great Lifestyle

Striking uniforms:

It actually does not matter if you are a cabin crew or a pilot or steward, you will need to wear a uniform while you are on duty. In fact, this is a precondition to work with the aviation industry while there are flexibilities in other jobs about uniforms. But this is a must here. Many of you may think that wearing a uniform might be troublesome. There might be opinions about sweating inside the uniform or any other types of discomforts. But you do not need to worry about those issues. In fact, when you are with the uniform, you are safe from lots of troubles and will get a comfortable feeling too.

Usually, the uniforms are made with the finest fabrics. The designs of the uniforms are also attractive. Even some of the airline authorities assign famous fashion designers to design the uniforms for their airlines. In fact, the airline authorities try to create a brand for them and the uniforms are the representation of the brands. The outfits are always glamourous for the people who wear them.

Besides, there are variations in the uniforms. A uniform does not mean that you have to insert yourself inside a suit and boot. The aviation uniforms are stylish and attractive outfit for the crews and other staffs. They uniforms are made considering the comfortability issue of the aviation staffs. There are some tradition gowns or comfy combination of clothing is available as uniform. The cabin crews and other staffs feel glad to have them. In fact, the uniforms help to bring a gorgeous look on them that they had been desiring for so long. But the uniforms vary based on airlines. Some of the airlines want their staffs should wear suits while some other possess a different point of view in this regard. This is a great chance for the cabin crews to wear some special outfits.

Flexible Working Schedule:

The cabin crews are able to enjoy some flexible working schedules. They do not need to work round the clock. But sometimes they need to do some over works too. They actually follow the roster duty schedules. The duties are divided into rosters so that everyone can participate in their respective duties. It has some positive aspects too. When the responsibilities are divided into rosters, the cabin crews get the chance to serve the passengers in their preferred hours. It enables them to join the duties in a suitable time for them.

Besides, they are also able to switch their duties after their preferred schedule. For instance, some need to join at a family event on Monday evening but s/ he is to attend the duty at the same time. In such cases, the cabin crew may ask the fellow cabin crews to perform his/ her duty on that time and s/ he will do the one for them in their scheduled time. This is a great idea and benefits almost for all. If someone is unable to join the duty in the scheduled hour, there are such chance to alter the duties. But in this case, you need to be aware of switching the duties. Not everyone may be willing to do your job in exchange for another day. Again, there are frequent switches of such duties and so you will need to do it hurriedly.

The flexibility is offered to the cabin crews for some reasons. First of all, this is not a conventional job. The duties are not limited to 9 to 5. Sometimes, the cabin crews need to stay in the flight for over 14 hours and more. So, they need a proper rest and further preparations for the next flight. As a result, they need to remain busy always. If they are asked to attend the flight immediately the next hour or the next day after a flight, it would be difficult for them. Hence, the roster helps them to get a suitable flight schedule. Such facility is rarely available in the other ordinary jobs.

Big Responsibilities:

The cabin crews are not only there to serve the foods and beverages. They are there for some other reasons. They are highly trained and know how to survive in odd situations. They are trained in life-saving skills. So, when you are on board on an airplane, you can feel safe with them. In fact, the cabin crews have some other responsibilities as well. They know what to do in ‘situations’ and how to tackle with the adverse impacts. The majority of the people do not have the idea about their job description. Serving the people is only a part of their job, not the entire job.

The aviation industry largely depends on the cabin crews. In fact, the cabin crews represent the respective airlines. So, they need to be skilled in almost all the matters that may appear during a flight. They are trained to piloting an aircraft. There might be serious issues inside the aircraft and the cabin crews need to protect themselves and the other passengers. If they do not get the proper training to survive in the situations, they will be unable to execute their responsibilities. They endure the jet lag, remain hungry for long hours but serve you smilingly. They are even trained to deliver babies during a flight and also carry the necessary tools and instruments for the purpose. So, you need to keep something in mind that they are not your private steward/ stewardess and you need to behave yourself with them.

They have to take huge pressures when they are on board. They are entirely responsible for your comfort and safety. They will play the role of your rescuer when you are in danger during the flight. They are enabled to make the things happen which were supposed not to be done. But their training and hard earned skills help them to reach their goals. So, the usual idea about the cabin crew that they are on the aircraft to serve you tea or coffee and change they diaper for your kids is totally a misconception.    

Final words:

Certainly, there are some cool things in becoming a flight attendant or cabin crew. A cabin crew enjoys a good number of facilities. But there are two sides of each coin. They need to endure lots of stress during a flight. Besides, we all know that they are paid highly but they do not get paid until the place door is closed. It points that their working hour starts to count with the closing of the aircraft door and no matter if they arrive one or two hours before the flight. This is a type of disadvantage for them. They do not get paid for the extra hours that they work before the flight departure.

Besides, handling the unruly passengers is really a big deal. They need to apply force to bring them under control. At times, they need to deal with hijackers too and they even sacrifice their lives for saving the passengers. It appears that this is a great profession and linked with all the essential skills that are taught in forces. Therefore, being a flight attendant is really a matter of glory. There are some people who ignore the job and do not feel sympathy for the flight attendants. They actually do not have any idea about the job and its responsibilities.

The job is really rewarding and there are challenges too. So, before taking the decision to become a cabin crew, an applicant should think about it several times. Once you have decided to be a cabin crew, make sure you do not step backwards from your decision. If you can cross the barriers, you can go a long way and reach your goals. Wish your success in this journey to become a cabin crew.

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Interesting Misconceptions/ Lies about cabin crews

The job of a cabin crew is really interesting. It provides them with a good number of benefits and perks. They also enjoy the job more than any other profession. In fact, the job of a cabin crew is a dream for many. This is a job that comes with a good number of attractive facilities for the cabin crews. But in return, the cabin crews are to pay back the facilities by hard work. They are to work relentlessly day and night. They even need to work for over 15 or 16 hours in a day or during a flight.

Moreover, there are some other issues that majority of the people do not know. The issues are termed as industry secrets. Actually, every industry has its own secrets for success and they do not share the secrets. But there are some important issues, which could not be set hidden for long. Some of them are exposed in various ways and people get some ideas about them.   

It should be kept in mind that not all the secrets are positive and often the aviation industry takes the shelter of lies. The lies are told by the cabin crews. They are trained to be so. In fact, the more you can tell lies, the more the chances of rising in the career. Many of the people are unaware that they are exposed to lots of lies by the cabin crews. There are some misconceptions about the secrets and interestingly, most of the people enjoy such events. It happens as they cannot understand the reality behind the misconceptions.

The article aims to inform you about some interesting aspects that are beyond the idea of the ordinary people and even some of the cabin crews are also not informed about those. But they are to follow the norms. There are some unwritten terms and conditions available in this industry and every cabin crews need to follow them without raising any question. The remaining article will describe some of the usual misconceptions about the matter. 

“I love the job”
When you ask a cabin crew how he/ she feels about the job, there is a usual reply. The reply is “I love my job very much”. But in reality, the cabin crews cannot love their jobs very much for multiple reasons. This is true that the job provides them with a large amount of money for a standard living and other benefits and perks for their life. But at certain times, the life become hell for them. They cannot manage time for themselves and some of them cannot even enjoy the benefits that they receive from the employer owing their extreme engagement with the flights.

To make the issue clear, I think some simple statements are enough. A cabin crew gets huge facilities and in line with the increase of experience, s/ he gets more privilege from the company. But s/ he has to make a balance in between his private life and professional life. Most of the cases, there are no private lives for the cabin crews. They become unable to manage their families. They cannot be at home in due time. They are unable to attend social events and it is also seen that they have to remain absent from their own family events at times. They need to be attentive to their career.

Considering the ground, some of them may be happy but a big section of the cabin crew society is unhappy with the job. They may say that they love their jobs but this is to satisfy the customers. It is merely a simple expression to provide people with an idea that how interesting the job of a cabin crew is. They would be happy if they had the leaves in time, or if they had chances to set their duties based on their necessities.

Misconceptions about cabin crews

Telling lie typically
Most of the times, the cabin crews need to tell lies to the passengers and other clients related to the aviation industry. They tell lies in such a manner that it appears everything is normal and under control. Even when there are some serious situations, they do not tell the truth to the passengers. They have been trained not to tell the truth in such conditions for many reasons. The passengers of the aircraft are not from the same background. And so, their level of dealing with adverse situations is almost zero.

So, if they come to know about the detrimental impacts or situations, they may create noise or might may be panicked which also may lead to unwanted situations. So, to control the situations, they need to tell lies in a manner that nothing has happened. Flights are not always blissful. The cabin crews and other aviation staffs are aware of the issues. To cover up the risks, they do not reveal the actual scenario to the passengers. If the passengers come to know about the unfavourable weather conditions or any undesired situations outside, they would be unable to control themselves.

Further, the lie actually begins immediately after a passenger boards in the aircraft. The cabin crew welcomes him/ her with a smiling face. But they do not smile from their heart actually. This is a professional smile and a kind of lie for the passengers. They do not come to know about the fake smile and become happy that they are greeted cordially. Sometimes, the meaning is opposite inside the mind of the cabin crews. If they ask you to seek help to them, in their mind they own a negative view, they do not expect calls from you for assistance. They want you to do things for yourself.  

“Getting you back, shortly”
This is another common issue for the cabin crews. They tell the passengers on board that they would come back within a short time with the necessary information. When any passenger wants to know about any information and seeks help to the flight attendants, they assure the passenger that they will provide the necessary information. But in reality, they cannot provide or do not provide the information. There are many reasons behind the matter.

When the cabin crews work long hours, they lose the inspiration to work anymore on the same flight. But they need to complete their duty and until the flight is over, they need to stay inside the metal tube at the height of 35,000 feet. So, they cannot be blamed for the non-cooperation with the passengers. Besides, the scenario may also turn the opposite. They may forget to bring the information or they may be unable to get the information. For instance, a cabin crew went to the cockpit to know about the weather update. But s/ he finds that the pilot and the copilot both are busy in communicating with the nearest airport for a sudden landing due to the rough weather. In this case, it is inappropriate to ask about the updates of weather. Hence, they cannot provide the information to the passengers.

On the other side, there are some cabin crews who are not paid well. They lose the motivation to work anymore with the airline company. But they are to complete their duties as long as they are with the airline. But they seem not to be interested in serving the passengers. The perform the minimum duties assigned on them. In such cases, the passengers will not get the desired service. As a result, the passengers will be displeased with the airline but they will not know the truth behind their dissatisfaction.

 “It’s nothing”
When you smell something strange inside the aircraft, surely you will ask about the issue the on duty cabin crews or any other staffs. They have a simple answer – “This is nothing” or “This is usual, Sir!” But often the answers are unable to satisfy everyone on board in the aircraft. So, they may also become curious as well about the issue. For instance, you heard a strange noise coming out from the rear side of the aircraft. You want to know about the source of the noise. You asked for help to know the details.

But whenever you asked the matter to someone, you are told to be patients and it was nothing. Some may tell the same thing in a different manner. They may tell you that everything is working fine or also may say that there is a minor issue and it will be normal in a moment. The cabin crews will not let you know the real fact. In fact, this is not the rule to let the passengers know about the inner happenings of an aircraft. It may lead to reputation loss and other losses as well. The aviation industry is extremely cautious about the matters and thus they take precautions.

The cabin crews are trained to give the passengers a misconception about the events. Even if there are any accidents or serious troubles, the cabin crews will not let you know that. With a smiling face, they will try to relieve you from the agonies. They do not want the passengers to be panicked. Because if the passengers are panicked, they may create some undesirable situations that may lead to serious trouble during the flight. And this is really difficult to handle the troubles in the air than the ground. So, they take help of the lie to provide a misconception so that the passengers do not get worried. 

“It’s finished; we don’t have any more”
Travelling air requires lots of time. The duration of a flight may vary. If the distance is longer, you may need to stay in the aircraft for over 24 hours at a stretch. In this time, you may feel the necessity of various things. You may need foods, beverages or other types of drinks. Generally, this is a trend to take care of the passengers in such long journeys. So, the airline authorities always reserve the necessary foods, drinks and other beverages so that they could be served to the passengers and other aircraft staffs. But sometimes, the scenario is changed. The stuff are not well maintained.

Often the cabin crews refute the demands if someone asks for any particular thing twice or based on needs. The cabin crews reply that the things are left no more. In fact, there are few reasons behind such responses. The passengers or the people who have asked for the things need to remain happy with what they have or they can take something else. Usually, the cabin crews have to be very busy during a flight time. They cannot even manage time for themselves as well during the journey. So, they develop a tendency to avoid requests.

Actually, responding to a request means that they have to go back in the galley and bring the thing for the passenger. The required foods or beverages might not be over but the cabin crews are unwilling to serve the things fearing the double movement. In fact, they have to cover all the passengers and meet their needs. So, when they are asked to do the same task twice, they try to escape the tasks with the excuse that there are no more things left on the store. They do not want to go and check the things for the passengers who have requested for.

“That’s not a problem”
This is a familiar term from the cabin crews. Almost all of the cabin crew are familiar with the term and they also apply the term in their day to day life during the flights. They most use the statement when someone asks them to do something. To make the issue clear, an example could be suitable here. If you ask a cabin crew to do something for you, s/ he might do that for you. In fact, they are obliged to do that thing for you. But inside the mind, there will be something else that the passenger will never know.

Generally, people ask for any support or favour to the cabin crews when they find them alone or they are seen resting in a place. But this is really a matter of irony that people only seek the support from the cabin crews when they are found in rest. The moment they are free of works might be a well-earned rest from the activities. And right in that moment, you are asking for help. It may make them feel disturbed. They use the similar statements as they are trained to do so. But in reality, they are reluctant to follow the orders or requests.

So, when they say that there are no problems, there are really some problems. But they will not allow you to know that. They are trained to keep the problems hidden from the outsiders. In fact, if they directly deny your order or request, you will feel ashamed as a passenger. By the same time, it will create a negative impression among the other passengers. As a result, the reputation of the airline company will come under risks. Thus, the airlines do not want to bear such risks. They train up the cabin crews in a manner so that they could smilingly serve you even if they do not want to serve right at that moment.   

If there are any mistakes committed by the cabin crews, they seek instant apology to the passengers. They have been trained so. There are numerous benefits of being sorry for the intentional and unintentional tasks during a flight. In fact, seeking apology is the best ways to make the passengers’ mouth shut. As I said before that the passengers start believing the aircraft and the cabin crews as their private properties, they behave as they want and the cabin crews are to handle the situations. So, when they cannot tolerate anymore with the irrational behaves, they might get involved in exchanging words with the passengers. The situations may worsen.

So, seeking apologies is the only solution. The passengers want their supremacy during the flight and you are providing the essence to them. The situation is under control. But in reality, the scenario is different. The cabin crews are not sorry at all. The apology they seek is merely the way to bring the matters under control. They also may seek to apologise in some other cases like when something is out of stock or runs out, the cabin crews seek apology to the passengers. But they should not be sorry for the events. It is not their duty to store foods- they just take care of the provided foods. If the foods run out, it is the liability of the person who was assigned to take care of the foods based on passenger numbers. 
Therefore, when the cabin crews say sorry, it may not mean that they are actually sorry at all. This is only a formal way to keep you calm. As a passenger, you will have nothing else to do except accept the situation. The cabin crew has sought an apology. It means the crew has surrendered with his inability. And so, there are no other ways to get the things done after your way. You are to accept this.

“Don’t worry. We are safe”
This is the other type of lie that the cabin crews are habituated with. In fact, this is the lie that helps to bring the situations under control. Accidents happen for many reasons. there are no specific issues that will cause the accidents. Hence, the airline authorities try to take all the precautionary measures to prevent the accidents. Besides, they also try to train up the cabin crews and other staffs about dealing such situations. They are trained to handle all such events in a cool head. Their reactions are sharp and know how to manage the situations.

So, when you will hear such words from them, you have to understand that there are some serious troubles. It may happen that any of the engines is not working, or there is a fire inside the aircraft or outside of the aircraft. But the most important issue about such event is not to be worried. The cabin crews and other staffs are trained to tackle the situations. They know what to do and how to response in such events of accidents.

But believing the words truly may give you a sense of peace during the flight and if there are any real accidents, or if the situations are beyond control you may experience a risk of your life. Usually, when a flight takes off, all the necessary precautionary measures are done and even the matters are checked several times. But accidents may happen for numerous unwanted reasons. A bird may cause the damage of an engine, fogs may create troubles of vision, fires can take place inside the aircraft and many more which cannot be listed. The cabin crews are well trained to deal with such events. So, when they say that everything is okay and no need to worry, it is really an issue of concern.

This is a misconception that the cabin crews will solve all the problems and will make a safe journey. Sometimes, you may also need to assist them to get out of the situations.

“I’ll note it on flight report”
Often the passengers want to complain about many issues. This is the reality that a large part of the on-board passengers are not satisfied with the services that they get from the airline authority. They demand something more and show an attitude that they deserve an extra care. But they are treated equally with the other passengers. In fact, the airline authority tries to show respect and care in the same level for every passenger. However, there might be some mistakes and those are undesirable. The cabin crews might commit any mistake that they did not want to do but had happened owing situational facts.

At that moment, there are some passengers who want to complain about the issues. They want to place a compline informing the details about the events that they experienced. Accordingly, they ask the cabin crews to note down the complaints or their suggestions. The cabin crews also note the complaint and inform the passenger that they will be informed. The cabin crews also express the similar opinion with the passengers about the complained issues. The cabin crews assure the passengers that the complaints will be taken care of and the authority will review the complaints carefully and let them know the feedbacks.    
This is really a terrific task for the cabin crews. They need to serve the passengers and when the flight is about the finish, they have to take the complaints. They keep patience and write down the complaints to the specific books. in reality, few of the complaints are taken care of. Actually, a few complaints are taken care of unless they are extremely serious.  

“Thank you for flying with us”

This statement may sound very polite and lucid to ear. It appears that the cabin crews are thanking the passengers for flying with their airline. This is true in some sense. But in most of the cases, this is a kind of mockery by the cabin crews. They do not actually expect you to be their passenger. They want that the less the passengers will be, the less they will have to work inside the aircraft during the flight. So, they do not want more passengers by their heart.

There are some reasons behind such preference of the cabin crews. When the passengers are on board, they start believing the cabin crews as their private property. So, they start abusing the facilities that they receive from the airline authority. As a result, the flight attendants become irritated with the behaves and attitudes. But they have nothing else to do except following your orders to a limit until it crosses the border. The cabin crews get a sense of relief once the flight is over. So, when they bid you a farewell, this is a kind of ridiculing the passengers. But the passengers are unable to realise the inner meaning.

When the cabin crews thank you for flying with them or their airlines, there are some other meanings of the statement is found. It also means that you might be at home instead of flying. But the passengers cannot identify the frustration in the tone of the cabin crews. So, they believe that it was a pleasure for the cabin crews to serve the passengers and they also want to ride on the same airline again and again.

Final Words
The life of a cabin crew is filled with adventure. But there are some risks as well. They have to adjust to every situation which is unknown to them. It is not confirmed that the training will be effective always. The cabin crews need to apply their own common sense and ready wits to get rid of the situations. They are also instructed to avoid almost all types of troubles related to the passengers. Hence, they have to say different things or they do various things.

As a result, the issues become highlighted and people generate some usual ideas about the job. Some misconceptions or lies grow among them. The topics discussed here are the most usual misconceptions and frequently used in the aviation industry. It is expected that the would be flight attendants will learn something from the discussion and similarly, the passengers will also have an idea how the life of cabin crew is and amend their attitude towards a cabin crew. Actually, the cabin crews are cordial and try to provide their best service to the passengers. But they at times become unable to show their best. Hence, the passengers should also be considerate in this matter.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A look into the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

Qatar Airways is one of the leading airways in the world. The job of a cabin crew with this airline company is considered as one of the prestigious jobs. Many of the applicants try to attend the interview. The interview is completed in several phases. The interview might run for several days until the company gets the desired candidates.

Hence, it is very important for the aspiring candidates to get prepared for the interview. In fact, it is not only luck that will favour you in the interview and selection process. You are to demonstrate some of the skills and expertise that you own and be useful for the airline company. The article is based on the first-hand experience from an interviewee who is now working with the company.

The article is modelled with useful tips and tricks that will be helpful for the applicants for the post of Cabin Crew in Qatar Airways. The job is highly demanding for some reasons. The first and foremost important thing about the job is that it pays very well and comes with many other perks that everyone is seeking for.

A look into the Qatar Airways
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Here are the basics of the interview process--

First of all, you are to browse the website of the airways. You are to submit you detailed curriculum vitae following the standard procedure. If you are selected initially, you will be invited for an oral test. And if you can cross the oral tests, you will be asked to attend for further assessment. There are no specific deadlines of holding the event. The authority may set the calendar for your assessment and even it may happen in the very next day of the interview or after a few days or weeks. 

Assessment process:
Since this is an international airline company and runs across the world, it requires cabin crews who are skilled in some specific things like language, physical fitness and other necessary matters.

As the first step of assessment, you will need to appear in the English test. There are sets of questions like multiple choice, writing essays, grammatical corrections. Besides, to judge the analytical ability of the candidates, the authority will also provide some mathematical issues. You are to answer them correctly to be advanced in the later stages. Nothing to worry. The questions are really easy to answer. If you are well educated and have skills in maths, you can answer them pretty quickly and correctly.

In the second stage of assessment, there are some group works. The initially selected candidates will be set into several groups. Some questions will be asked and you are to answer in groups. The group which will do better will get the chance to experience the later levels.

The one to one part is also interesting. The applicant will have to face and interviewer alone. There will be some questions and you are to select one. Then you will have to describe the topic that is on the paper. If you can pass this stage, you are advancing for the advanced selection process. All these are done to measure your compatibility for the post of Cabin Crew. In fact, there are many unpredictable situations available in such a post and you are to survive in the situations. So, if you are not the fittest, it would be hard for you to survive during a flight.

The final interview is not that much difficult as you are thinking. It will not last longer. This is a quick process. It is only done when you are selected for the post of cabin Crew. The recruiting authority will ask you few personal questions or merely will look into your curriculum vitae. But you need to be prepared for any situations. The interviewing authority will ask you various questions, about your skills and expertise or weakness etc. If you can answer them perfectly, certainly you will have the job.

There are some typical questions during the interview process. Every applicant has to deal with them. Five sample questions and model answers of the questions are here for your convenience. 

Sample Question 1: Tell us about yourself.
Model answer: Well, thank you for the question. I have just completed my graduation from a reputed university in Paris and now seeking a suitable job for me. I live with my family in Paris and my dad is a government employee. My mum is a house maker and I have two other siblings. They are also established in their respective arena. I am the youngest of them. I am skilled in mathematics and English and love to socialise with people. My academic scores are very good and I am a quick learner. In my childhood, I used to take part in extracurricular activities and won many prizes for my skills in sports. I have got the highest CGPA in my class and this was one of the records at the department. In fact, none have scored so much before me. So, I was awarded for my outstanding results. I am careful about responsibilities and try to execute them smoothly. Besides, I am also skilled in organising events and in my university days, I have participated in many cultural activities. Now, I plan to look for a career where I could serve my employer and by the same time will grow and sharpen my expertise. This is me in brief.

Sample Question 2: Tell us something that you know about Customer Service.
Model Answer: Thank you for the question, Sir. I have little knowledge about customer service. My personal belief about customer service is to satisfy the customers or potential customers in all possible means by filling up their requirements and other legal needs within capacity. To be more straight, customer service is the way of gaining satisfaction for the customers. It refers to provide the necessary services to them in their needs. It might be assisting them when they need support. The types of customer services vary based on situations and types of business. Sometimes it may refer to provide any necessary information, as we take from the cell phone service companies. On the other sides, talking politely and showing gentle attitudes is also a type of customer service. The aim of the service is to provide the required service to the customers and at the right moment. Listening to their complaints and taking attempts to solve the issues is another part of the service. The people who are engaged with the service providing are commonly known as customer service provider or customer service executives.

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process
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Sample question 3: Why do you want to work as a cabin crew?
Model Answer: Well, this is a great question to deal with. In fact, there are several reasons behind selecting cabin crew as my career. Firstly, I want a prestigious job that will be socially acceptable and will pay me enough to lead a standard life with my family and others. This is the job which is really prestigious and provides standard benefits to the employees. Besides, I want to exercise my interpersonal skills and expertise and this is the field where I will have ample opportunities to exercise those set of skills. On the other side, I am an adventurer by born. This is one of the jobs that is filled with adventures. I will be able to test the adventures and get delighted from the events. Further, the job of cabin crew allows the staffs to make new friends and good relationship with people. I love to socialise and this job will allow me to make new friends. Moreover, the job of a cabin crew also has some other positive benefits like it allows the employees to grow in a fast-paced environment. I will come to know about a wide number of things and issues. I can exercise the things for my personal skill development which I, ultimately, will use for the betterment of my employer. These are the key causes behind preferring the job of a cabin crew.

Sample question 4: What is your professional experience?
Model Answer: I am a fresher but I am a quick learner (as I said before to describe me). I do not have any professional experience in this industry for being a fresh graduate. But I firmly do believe that I would be an asset for the corporation where I will be engaged. I have the potentials of growing in any environment. I am able to deal with the critical situations, can take instant decisions, a very good team player, use my ready wits to solve problems, can communicate easily and effectively even with the strangers and many more. I hope I would be able to sharpen all the skills and set of expertise for the betterment of my employer. If I am employed on the position of Cabin Crew, I believe that I would be able to undergo all the responsibilities smoothly. Finally, with the passage of time, I will gain experience and serve my employer with complete loyalty and responsibility. 

Sample question 5: Why you want to work with Qatar Airways?
Model Answer: Well, Qatar Airways is one of a pioneer in the airline industry and business. In fact, this is a leader here. It operates across the world with an enviable reputation. Working here is a privilege for the staffs and other employees. Besides, I had been seeking an opportunity to work with such a reputed organisation where sincerity, perseverance and other skills are the keys to success. This is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a very good relation with the people who work for it. The working environment at this company is top class. There are no bad records of the company has been found so far. All the staffs and employees love their job in this airline. This is the key reason for preferring Qatar Airways. Besides, I want to work for a long time at any airlines. Qatar Airways allows it, employees, to work with it as long as they want unless there are any serious issues found. The management and authority of the company are also adorable and most importantly they care for the employees which is not that much visible in the other airline companies. All these issues have made me decide to work at Qatar Airways.     

This is the standard procedure of Qatar Airways recruitment process for the post of Cabin Crew. This is one of the leading aviation company that has been dominating the industry for a long time. The key to success is the employees of the company. Each of the employees loves to work with Qatar Airways for numerous reasons. The top most important thing about the job is that it is a well-respected job around the world. Besides, the job allows the staffs to enjoy the working environment in line with other benefits. The job of Cabin Crew is a well-established one. When someone gets the job, it appears that they have reached their dream.

But before getting the job, as an applicant, you will need to follow some procedures and prove your worth amid thousands of other candidates. If you can demonstrate yourself clearly and have a little luck, you can certainly be the winner of the post. Qatar Airways intakes fresher candidates in different times of the year. You need to look at their website or other job seeking websites for the job vacancies. Apply in the proper manner, attend the interview, show your skills, the luck will reward you with the job.